GJ / September 14, 2023

Neymar's Amazing Ex-girlfriends and Current Girlfriend

In the new season this year, football player Neymar's performance on the field is far less than before. In addition, in the previous league, Neymar missed the game for a long time due to injury, so more and more fans began to lose confidence in him. But not long ago, after Neymar officially revealed his relevant information to the public——“He publicly shouted to his girlfriend on social media that I love you, and said that the two have lived together sweetly.” Fans speculated that Neymar's poor form on the field was because he was in a relationship.

After learning the news, many fans wished him well, but some fans worried that Neymar's entanglement with his girlfriend time and time again would slowly exhaust his energy and talent.

Anyway, today we are talking about Neymar and his girlfriends. To be honest, I really didn't think there would be so many until I compiled the list of Neymar's ex-girlfriends.


  ♥ Full name: Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior