GJ / September 14, 2023

Ranked! 10 of the most classic world cup jerseys

In five months, the 2022 Qatar World Cup will officially open. As we all know, the World Cup is not only a gathering of elite players from various countries, but also a collection of classic jerseys. Every World Cup has an unforgettable moment, and the jerseys are worn by each national team also carry the memories and emotions of generations of fans.


Unlike club jerseys, the replacement of national team uniforms is slow. Nonetheless, the design of national team jerseys requires extra care from designers and manufacturers. Because the national team jersey represents not only the team, but also everything in this country from the past to the present. Designers often spend months designing jerseys with national characteristics. Among them, there are many choices of jersey colors, from common national flag colors to special colors with historical, political, or regional significance, which require designers to match carefully. In addition, designers have to take into account the country's traditions, and use the jersey to present the country's history in a modern way.

For fans, whether the